How to Search a Website

Google is useful to produce appropriate content for your research question. But sometimes you want something unusually specific, the phrase common keyword does not, especially for entrepreneurs who are looking for a particular element of content. Sign in to Google: search. This allows you to search only one domain name, not the entire network, for a specific phrase of search.

Therefore, for example, if you want to find out which articles HubSpot and only HubSpot devoted to the automation of advertising by creating a website: search results will be limited solely to articles on advertising automation HubSpot.

I used this to get a lot of things before; As an experienced content creator, I can honestly say that I use it every day. Here’s how to proceed, in addition to some use cases I have discovered that is very useful, and that makes me more productive. How to look inside the site using Google


Enter the Website: www . website. com search for the phrase in the search box.

Refine your search.

How to search Google on a site using the site: Hunt Spirit

Step 2: Enter a search phrase on the Website: in the search field. * * *

* Pay attention to this subdomain (letters that precede the domain name, for example, www., Website or information) that you enter. The subdomain that you enter, or perhaps decide not to specify it, will change your results.

For example, when I try to create a website: look for all the references to advertising automation on, I get much more results (about 9500) when I go to the Website: advertising automation than when the website Login: www. advertising automation (about 2300). Why? Since the first will bring results for all subdomains on This means that it gives results for mentions of advertising automation, for example, in

However, when you enter, ad automation returns results only by mentioning ad automation at www. Subdomain. So, the lesson here is to be sure which domain names and subdomains you would like to search for.

Refine your search

For example, in step 2, when I searched for Facebook statistics on our Website, some results appeared for a long time, for instance, in 2010. I really could filter out the latest statistics by optimizing my search on the Website: Facebook stat 2012. How the site: Hunting can make your life easier as a marketer

There are many use cases with this little tip on search efficiency, but these are the ones I use all the time when I put on my entrepreneur’s hat.

Search for information. I like to use the data to enhance my articles, and it’s very simple to create a website: look at the HubSpot website statistics that I remember using earlier, but I can’t wholly remember where. Also, it helps me find data on another blog or Website that, as I know, often publishes an article of this type, for example, eMarketer.

Search by topic. If you want to make an original piece of articles on your Website or another website, it may be helpful to present something unique that has not been covered thousands of times. If you want to print a guest article on, say, the Link Model, and write about advertising by e-mail, you can create a blog: site search: that my article can be brought into line with its informative approach.

Surface elements to connect. If you want to associate some content on a specific topic with your content, then a site: search is a great way to recreate it or perhaps discover some new pieces of content that you did not know about.

Transfer a competing examination. The aggressive content rating component, which is essential for determining your content plan and positioning in your area, will be to determine what other men and women are. Use the search function on the site to understand what topics all competitors write and in what quantity.

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