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Term and Conditions CreaTechSkills

This is the main and important page of our website for analyzing our policy. On this page, you can easily learn the working methods of this site. And it is useful for your knowledge of labour policy. So, let’s start reading all about the conditions.

Cookies and Navigation Features

Cookies are most important in the navigation function for each person and search engines as well. Therefore, we are already informing you of this in our cookie policy. We will use your browsing history and cookies for our marketing purposes. Also, the search engine can use these cookies to display relevant advertising in front of you.

Cookie Policy and Use

A cookie policy is used in various places on the Internet. But now, today, it is mainly used in the navigation functions that we use daily to perform Google and other navigation actions. Then, following our CreaTechSkills website, we may collect useful cookies with the permission of the user’s browser and personal permission of the user.

Contact us from CreaTechSkills

If you have any work or project and you have any problems with your work/project, do not hesitate to contact us, we will call you back as soon as possible. If you need software or an application, ask us if we can. Use this form for any questions or assistance. Therefore, if you want to get help and encounter any problem in the content services of our site. Thus, you can contact us using the official feedback form. Here you just have to tell us about the problem and the request that you want to make through the form. After receiving your message, we will reply as soon as possible with an answer to your question. Thank you very much You can contact us using this letter from our website Createchskills@Gmail.Com